Keyword Research is the first and  most important step of the search engine optimization and if we do it correctly, it gives you a very good results in terms of website ranking.

Invest in keywords for better digital returns …..

What is keyword research?

The word we search on google is a keyword for a SEO expert and webmaster.

e.g. someone search on google “Best Web designing company” to know about the best service provider company in that field. In result Google will come up with few service provider’s information or web-page links of their company on the very first page.

Some new webmasters start writing content without keyword research they nothing do any kind of research on keywords and start writing, after few months they expect it will rank.. LOL! but the result comes bad for them.

For a better search engine ranking you have to done keyword research, in the right way of how to do keyword research?

How to do keyword research?

How people search for your product and your service, I’ll show you how to quickly find keywords that your customers search for.

Use Google Suggestions Keyword –

This is the best way to find long tail keyword for your business and blogs websites, i love these techniques how do you will also love…

But How? –

Search any queries in google suppose i have search for “website design company”

Just click on search button….. scroll down and go on the bottom of the page

check out the keywords that Google shows you in searches related means they are related to your search query and if you go for optimization of related keyword than might be it would be gives you a better result.

Note down keyword in notepad and open google keyword planner, for know which keyword has high search volume and competition.

Find Keywords in Google Keyword Planner

once you open google keyword planner you have to put your all keyword in search bar of keyword planner see the below example for.

Once you put your keyword into search box click on get started button –

once you click on the start button you will see window like these see the above image which you will find everything about your keyword real data like Monthly volume, competition, bid etc

basically google keyword planner is free tool and all the data comes from google that means all the data is real and very useful for SEO and PPC.

Google keyword planner is also use for paid campaign keyword research it’s completely amazing tools by Google.

Ubersuggest By Neil Patel

Since Neil added Backlink feature in these tool, people using more rather than other tools, ubbersuggest is the one of my best tools for competitor analysis and keyword research, pix brand use this tools for keyword research and competitor analysis.

The best thing in this tool it’s completely free of cost.

How to use ubbersuggest?

Open Ubersuggest in your browser enter your keyword which you want to know competition and search volume.

Here is how it’s work…

Now put your keyword into the search box And select your country and click on the search box –


Now you can see the all data of your keyword like search volume, seo difficulty, paid difficulty, and Pay per cost, or we can find top 10 competitor and their back-link in this tool.

Thanks Neil for this Amazing tools……….

Join Community

To know what your audience needs, you to join online community like quora, Facebook groups and online forum and engage with people ask questions and give answer.

Because, this is the best way to find what your audience needs from your site, if you find any question that people ask in your community, write a blog on the subject and share with your audience.

Hope the guide on how to do keyword research is helpful for your business…. if you have any question please feel free to comment.

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