Digital grooming of your business starts with a good website, Taking into consideration the statistics of the programming language used by websites, it appears that around 79.8% web run on PHP based applications.  So, of 10 websites that you come across each day, 8 are PHP driven. Call it the flexibility of the language or the ease to use interface, PHP is one such language proven to deploy strong web applications.

Looking For Hiring A Good PHP Developer Team?

You might have plenty of options while hiring a PHP developer. You can go for a PHP development company or a freelancer developer. In both cases you should be sure about your requirements and must follow the systematic process of hiring.

There are three different aspects that you would need to consider before hiring a PHP programmer.

How To Search For A PHP Developer?

#1 Experience

As per your budget for the website you will have to choose among, Beginner, mid-laver or expert.

  • The beginner is the one who has around 1 year of experience, working on PHP development. They must have completed at least  2-3 projects and must have command on developing basic websites. If your project is of a simple template website, so you can go for a Beginner level developer.


  • Mid-level developers are having 2-3 years of experience, they must have experience of working on 10-15 projects in PHP programming. If your project is making a good dynamic website, responsive on all possible platforms and smooth functionality, then you should go for a mid-level developer.


  • Expert is the one who has more than 5 years of experience in the industry and must have completed several good projects. If your project is to develop a website with all frontend and backend functionality, then you should go for an expert developer. 

#2 Freelancer OR Company?

Once you are clear about your budget and the level of expertise you required for your project, then the next would be to choose among a freelancer or a team. Here the solution is very simple, if your project is in the range of a Beginner level developer then you can opt for a freelancer. And if your project is in the range of mid or expert level developer then you should definitely opt for a group or PHP developer company. 

#3 Profile Reading:-

one you have to finalise the range of experience of your developer and also the source hiring, the next step comes is shortlisting of profile. Among all available options, you must go through the profiles of that developer and should choose the one who fits into your criteria and budget. You should also see if the company or individual has completed similar projects like yours. Prior knowledge of similar kinda project helps a lot while coding and development. 

Before giving out your project blindly to any freelance reference or a company, you must complete your homework on the above-mentioned aspects. Give time to your research and project analysis to find the best possible solution for your project. 

“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” – Martin Fowler